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Company Name E-mail
Barclays Capital Mr. Jon Windham [email protected]
Ms. Esme Pau [email protected]
CCBI Ms. Winnie Guo [email protected]
CITI Mr. Low Horng Han [email protected]
CITICS Mr. Simon Yeung [email protected]
Deutsche Bank Mr. Kevin Chong [email protected]
Morgan Stanley Mr. Andy Meng [email protected]
Religare Mr. Vincent Fernando [email protected]
Mr. Ke Yan [email protected]
UOB Kay Hian Mr. Lawrence Li [email protected]

China Rongsheng Heavy Industries is currently covered by the above analysts. This analyst list and their opinions may not be complete and is subject to change from time to time. Please note that any opinions made by these analysts regarding China Rongsheng’s performance are theirs alone and do not represent those of China Rongsheng and its management. The listing of analysts who follow China Rongsheng and their opinions are only for convenience and informational purposes only. China Rongsheng does not imply its endorsement of their independent opinions, nor provides any investment advice. Interested parties should contact the analysts directly for more information/opinions on China Rongsheng.
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