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China Rongsheng incorporates social responsibility as an integral part of our development strategy and operations management. As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe that a sustainable development strategy should be regarded as an integral factor in the long-term growth of a corporation. In 2012, we continued our efforts in employee welfare, environmental protection, community involvement and talent development.

To fulfill our commitment to the environment, we emphasize green shipbuilding concepts and provides greener products to our customers in the shipping industry. Entering into an eco-friendly era, green vessels enable the ship owners to operate their business in a more economic way with less emissions, contributing to the development of a low-carbon, healthy and sustainable society.

380,000 DWT class VLOC

The China Rongsheng-built 380,000 DWT class VLOC is not only one of the largest ore carriers in the world, but also a pioneer model with green shipbuilding technology. In comparison with other dry bulk carriers, the VLOC records a better performance with its significantly lower oil consumption level per ton nautical mile. The VLOC records 9% and 34% less CO2 and SOX emissions, respectively, compared with those from 300,000 DWT bulk carrier and 175,000 DWT bulk carrier. With the Energy Efficiency Design Index (“EEDI”) of approximately 1.99 during sea trials, the VLOC are fully in line with low-carbon and green product initiatives. Our emission record successfully meets both the benchmark requirements on emission reduction set by the IMO, which came into effect as of 1 January 2013, and the IMO Tier III emission requirements.

To advance environmental performance, we implemented a number of modifications to our VLOC design by optimizing the hull structure, main engine system, ballast water system and fuel tank. The vessel meets requirements set by the IMO on a series of indicators of new standards set by the IMO, including fuel tank protection, ballast water tank coating, hull coating, NOx and SOx emissions, ballast water management, EEDI, and Green Passports.

    • Wärtsilä 7RT-FLEX82T engine features intellectual adjustment of fuel injection timing and volume, lowering daily fuel consumption by 3 tons than typical RTA engine
    • Recovering waste heat of main engine to boil seawater for fresh water usage on board
    • Compressing air by waste heat and injecting to combustion chamber of main engine. Fuel utilisation and power output of main engine is enhanced
    • Wärtsilä 7RT-FLEX82T engine reduces NOx in exhaust gas from 17 grams to 13 grams per kWh, fully compliant with IMO Tier II exhaust emission regulations
    • "Combined Heat and Power" System utilises waste heat and exhaust gases to produce steam, reducing daily fuel consumption of 2.64 tons
    • Advanced waste management design with particular garbage storing station
    • Adopting equipment with lowest sympathetic vibration and noise to fulfill the noise limit requirement of IMO Resolution A.468
    • Freon-free refrigeration system reduces greenhouse gas emission
    • Oil-water separator handles polluted liquid including various fuel oil, high-density oil and other emulsified mixture

76,000 DWT Panamax Bulk Carrier

We optimized the hull structure and force flow design of our 76,000 DWT Panamax, and made further improvements with highly efficient large diameter propellers, energy-saving devices and propeller boss cap fins technology. Compared with similar bulk vessels under the same speed, the power output of the main engine could be reduced by 875 kW, making it 11% more efficient. With our EEDI performance improved by 27%, the 76,000 DWT Panamax’s design efficiency has acquired its EEDI verification from Lloyd’s Register. The vessel not only reaches the EEDI reference line set in Phase 0, but is also in accordance with the Phase 1 (2015–2020) requirement and its NOX emission volume satisfies the IMO’s TIER II standard. The 76,000 DWT Panamax represents cutting-edge green shipbuilding technology in the dry bulk shipping industry. The optimized 76,000 DWT Panamax meets the requirements of the North Sea region environmental regulation by adopting a number of advanced designs, including a designated contaminated water and ballast water treatment system which falls under the “International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004”.

7,000-TEU Containership

We delivered our very first containership for the Period. Due to differences in calling port requirements, design speed and main engine configuration, a higher standard of eco-friendly design and performance must be set for containerships than for other types of vessels. Through optimization of the hull structure, force flow design, large diameter propeller and rudder bulb, our 7,000-TEU containership’s EEDI performance is 38% better than the basic requirements set by the IMO, and 11% better for our 6,500-TEU containership. We carefully calculated the optimized sailing speed that allowing us to adjust our engines accordingly. By meeting the lowest fuel consumption level under an optimized speed, the 7,000-TEU containership is in compliance with the TIER II emission standard set by the IMO. Our advanced ballast water system also helps to minimize the transfer of non-indigenous harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens from one area to another. In compliance with specific zero emission restrictions in certain areas, we installed an optimized oil-contaminated water and domestic sewage treatment system.

Green Design of Diesel Engine

Diesel engines manufactured by the Group has incorporated eco-friendly designs and the emission volume fully complies with the requirements of the IMO. To assure product quality, our diesel engines are subjected to testing to ensure discharged pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, non-methane hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, are in compliance with set limits.


Employees form the nucleus of a corporation. China Rongsheng is committed to enhancing our work environment and creating an enviable corporate culture.

The sustainable growth of a corporation requires an effective management of employee welfare. We sincerely encourage our employees to achieve a sense of community and contribute to a peaceful work environment. Throughout 2012, we continued to listen to their concerns and organize events to ensure the wellbeing of them, leaving a solid footprint over the past seven years that proves our care to the employees.

Migrant workers form the backbone of China Rongsheng. We shall never forget the sacrifices they have made, leaving their families and homes to provide their strongest support in protecting our reputation and fulfilling our promise to customers. During the traffic rush before the Chinese New Year Holidays, most of the migrant workers faced extreme difficulties in obtaining a ticket back to their hometowns, and we are committed to assisting them by providing free shuttle bus services to return them to their families and ensuring the precious time they spend with their families would not be impacted by the periodic congested transportation system.

In 2012, more than 400 migrant workers, farewelled by our management team and other workers, took shuttle buses to their hometowns, such as Zhengzhou, Fuyang, Nanyang, Hefei, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, and Heze.

We also understood the migrant workers have concerns over housing needs, especially for the young workforce. A new housing estate, Rongsheng Garden, has been built in our Nantong manufacturing base, satisfying the immediate needs of apartment-hunters. In addition, we established 4 apartment buildings designated for college graduates and a new Workers’ Home, a 10,000m2 leisure facility for outsourced workforce. The new Workers’ Home aims to provide rest and relaxation with multi-functional facilities. The facility received a “Workers’ Library” bronze award from the All-China Federation of Labor. Health and safety also plays an important role in our commitment to employees. Every year, through collaboration with Nantong City People’s Hospital, we arrange regular medical checkups for our employees. Physical fitness is not only a basic standard of living, it also ensures a healthy and safe workplace.

Art and culture is an important facet of life, and we seek to provide our employees this opportunity through a series of enriching activities. The Culture and Art Festival was organized in our manufacturing bases every September and October and it functioned as one of the Group’s key corporate cultural building projects. The fifth festival since 2008 attracts hundreds of participants who could find a platform to express their talent, through activities such as tug-o-war, cybergames, card games, basketball, photography, badminton and table tennis. Our “555111” project also engages various interest groups, such as “The Rongsheng Vigour Male Percussion Team”, “The Rongsheng Hundred-People Choir”, “The Rongsheng Women Drum Team” and “The Rongsheng Brass Band”. Our active cultural events in Nantong and Rugao have won us some acclaim; the Rongsheng Heavy Industries Choir received a silver prize in the Rugao City Choir Competition.

We realized the significance of engaging with our employees on multiple levels, and offered regular channels of communication and psychological therapy. Through the establishment of the “Joyful Fund” and the “Mutual Fund”, we reached out and provided subsidies to disadvantaged families suffering from serious or sudden illnesses and children’s education issues. We aim to fundamentally improve the livelihood of our employees and encourage them seeking breakthroughs in difficult time.


As a strong and emerging heavy industry corporation, China Rongsheng shall never forget that our success in business is derived from the community. We are committed to deploying more resources and motivating our staff to support social development.

We continued our involvement in charity work and sports sponsorships, and provided support to maritime education in Hong Kong. We believe our involvement would share our success with the community and contribute to social welfare charities.

Established in 2012, the “Youths of Rongsheng” Volunteer Service Team has engaged in voluntary activities 375 times over, and recorded 2,285 volunteer hours within the year. The program encouraged employees to get involved in their community and build up a sense of social responsibility. In March, we established a partnership with the China Library Project and collected book donations, exercise materials and various accessories. Education is the key to end the cycle of poverty. We hope that through the donation of education materials we can encourage children in disadvantaged schools and orphanages to learn and improve their quality of life.

Following a series of torrential rains, floods affected thousands of homes and farmlands in the Xide Prefecture of Liangshan, Sichuan Province in August 2012. Harvests were destroyed, directly threatening the livelihood of refugees. The situation was further worsened by rapidly dropping temperature, as refugees were in extreme need of winter clothing. We gathered over 2,000 items of clothing, weighing 976 kilograms in total, and sent them to the afflicted region and the Kailash Volunteers’ Family of China. In November 2012, the “Youths of Rongsheng” Volunteer Service Team also gathered and shipped winter clothing, massage tools and learning accessories to Rugao Special Education School and Rugao Taoyuan Elderly Service Centre. The Rongsheng Heavy Industries Charitable Foundation received the Fourth Rugao City Top 10 “Heart Team” Honour in 2012.

Sports can uplift the spirit of a nation. China Rongsheng sees the promotion of sport culture as a long-term social welfare undertaking and has provided major support towards the area. We aim to promote the essence of sport — in particular, health and a dedication to excellence — among society. We sponsored the Bayi Table Tennis Team as an ongoing part of supporting its competitive spirit in the hope that the team brings glory to our nation.

We are also committed to promoting the maritime industry among local communities in Hong Kong. The new Hong Kong Maritime Museum at Central Pier No. 8 was officially opened in February 2013. There we leased three ship models and dioramas, which included a 380,000 DWT class VLOC, a 3,000-meter deepwater pipe-laying crane vessel and a FPSO unit, with nominal fee. By demonstrating the leading product models of the Chinese shipbuilding industry in a dedicated exhibition hall at the centre of Hong Kong, the Group aspires to portray a comprehensive story of the development of Chinese shipbuilding technology and contemporary maritime strategy. The Hong Kong Maritime Museum introduces visitors to a history of how China, Asia and the West have contributed to the development of boats, ships, maritime exploration and trade, and naval warfare. While the Museum concentrates on the South China coast and its neighbouring seas, it also covers global trends and provides a comprehensive account of Hong Kong’s growth and development as a major world port and top maritime center.


We provide training for our employees that seeks to develop new skills for a better future. We are glad to develop industry talent while contributing to sustainable corporate growth.

We pay close attention to recruiting and developing talent. Since its inception, the team working for China Rongsheng has grown from approximately 30 people to 20,000. In line with the Second Five-Year Strategic Plan of Rongsheng Heavy Industries, we initiated the “Youths of Rongsheng” scheme, aimed at training a core workforce which revolves around our corporate values for the future. The Group intends to train 10 experts that are entitled to special allowances from the State Council, as well as 100 senior professionals, 1,000 intermediate professionals,10 doctoral level professionals, 500 masters degree holders and 2,000 bachelor degree holders by the end of 2015, thereby providing sufficient talent for the sustainable growth of us.

On top of the existing talent pool, comprised of shipbuilding and management experts from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada, we have has established partnerships with various outstanding universities, including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Engineering University, Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Maritime Institute, and Wuxi Institute of Communications Technology. These partnerships enabled our “Rongsheng Heavy Industries Education Fund” to reward outstanding students, classes and teachers, and allowed the Group to reduce the employment concerns of engineering graduates. For instance, both Rongsheng Heavy Industries and Heilongjiang Institute of Technology partnered a traineeship with three years college study and one year internship, targeting a new blood of 20 welding technology graduates to join the Group each year.

We also encouraged a technical exchange with peers, by co-organizing national technician competition. In addition to our initiatives that sought to build up a capable R&D workforce, we also targeted to motivate our technicians’ enthusiasm for learning and constructed a strong technician talent base. The Welding Skill Final of the Fourth National Technicians Vocational Skills Competition was held in Rongsheng Secondary Vocational School, which gathered hundreds of outstanding welding specialists around China.

Rongsheng Heavy Industries won “China’s Best Enterprise for Talent Development 2011 (Top 10)”, receiving praise from a host of spectators joining the 8th China Enterprise Training & Development Forum. Rongsheng Heavy Industries also received the honour of “The First Technician Training Unit” in Nantong City.


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