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1. When was China Rongsheng established?
2. What is the core business of China Rongsheng?
3. What are the competitive strengths of China Rongsheng?
4. What are the products of China Rongsheng?
5. Who are the major customers of China Rongsheng?
6. Who are the major working partners of China Rongsheng?
7. Where are the headquarters and production base of China Rongsheng?
8. What is the role of Rongsheng Offshore & Marine?
9. How many employees does China Rongsheng have?
10. On what exchange are the shares of China Rongsheng traded? What is its ticker symbol?
11. How many shares has China Rongsheng issued? What is Rongsheng’s public float?
12. Who is the controlling shareholder of China Rongsheng?
13. When does China Rongsheng’s fiscal year end?
14. In what currency does China Rongsheng report earnings?
15. How to recognize the revenue of shipbuilding contracts?
16. What is the dividend policy of China Rongsheng?
17. What are the procedures for election of directors?
18. How can I download the Company’s annual reports? Is there any HTML version available?
19. Where can I find the webcast of the results announcement?
20. How to contact the investor relations team of China Rongsheng?
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